Employee career development

    The company insists on building a career development platform for employees to grow together. According to the nature and characteristics of the post, combined with the employee's professional interests and expertise, a career development channel has been set up for five types of posts, such as management, specialty, technology, marketing, mechanics, etc. At the same time, the company has established a more scientific talent evaluation mechanism and selection and elimination mechanism, and comprehensively implemented the echelon construction of various talent teams, providing employees with a diversified growth opportunities.

    Employee training

    The company insists that human capital preservation and appreciation originates from the overall upgrading of the quality and skills of employees at all positions and levels, and advocates the learning concept of "self-improvement, self-transcendence". At present, we have set up a lecturer system with internal part-time lecturers as the main part, supplemented by external experts, a relatively perfect training curriculum system, and a two-level training management system with the responsibility of the company and the enterprise. A diversified training form combining post mentoring system, classroom teaching and staff self-study has been formed.

    Under the two-level training model of the company and the department, the staff will enjoy a wealth of training packages, including induction training, pre-job training, professional and technical lectures, on-the-job training, management training, promotion training, etc. Excellent performance staff will also enjoy overseas rotation or exchange training, MBA refresher training, Chinese and foreign names. Family lectures and sending out training.